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The Wonderful Windmills of Lincolnshire

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This weekend tour will take in a number of mills including some that will be specially opened for our visit. This coach-based tour will also provide an excellent opportunity to experience the varied landscape of the Lincolnshire countryside.

Windmills have been a feature of English life for centuries. Though many mills have been lost over the last century, Lincolnshire is able to boast a significant number that survive. The county offers an impressive variety of these magnificent structures, from a rare wooden postmill to towering brick-built mills that still produce fine organic flours. You will be accompanied throughout by one of our tutors.

The course begins on Friday evening at 7.00pm with a wine reception followed by a lecture on the windmills of Lincolnshire. Travelling by execuutive mini-coach we spend Saturday morning visiting windmills to the east of the county with a stop for lunch at the tearooms of Maud Foster Mill in Boston. After visiting other historic windmills in the afternoon we return to Lincoln. Later we will assemble to enjoy dinner in one of Lincoln's excellent restaurants. On Sunday we tour further windmills and then return to Lincoln where the weekend break ends.

The cost of this weekend break is from 225, inclusive of accommodation.

21st - 23rd October 2005

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