Discovering the
Roman Army in Britain

Roman re-enactors march past the Colosseum in RomeIn AD43 the Roman army invaded Britain, elements of the army were still present at the end of the third century. This weekend will look at what the Roman army achieved whilst in Britain including its role in the economy.

The conquering of Britain was a slow and painful process, we will consider the role that the legions in Britain played in the crushing of tribal resistance. We will also look at how the superior discipline and skill of the army and its commanders overcame the Boudican revolt of AD60.

The Roman army in Scotland will be considered beginning with Agricola's campaign in the far north. We will also consider the construction of Hadrian's Wall and the lesser-known Antonine Wall. Other Roman military works will be reviewed including the Saxon Shore forts around the coast of Britain.

This weekend will be of interest to both those with no previous knowledge of the Roman army and those who wish to widen their understanding of the Roman military machine. We will investigate the basics of how the army was structured, how it worked and the kit each soldier had.

Lincoln was itself an important Roman fortress and later became a Colonia (Lindum Colonia); it still retains some impressive standing monuments which we will explore. What better place to look at the Roman army than here!

The cost of this weekend break is from 225, inclusive of accommodation.

6-8th May 2005

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