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Lindum Heritage

The Story of Lincoln: 2,000 Years of History

This course will guide you through the fascinating 2,000 years of Lincoln's archaeology and history. The weekend will include visits to many of the City's monuments and historic buildings.

Founded by the Romans as Lindum, later renamed Lindum Colonia, the city became one of the most important places in the province of Britannia. After a short period of decline the city was home to Saxons and Vikings before it reached its height as one of the greatest cities of medieval Britain. Today the city's surviving archaeological monuments and historic buildings stand as witness to its illustrious past. Lincoln later became a thriving Victorian city and continued as a major urban and industrial centre during more recent times. Lincoln has recently been described as the hidden gem of England's heritage and walking among its unspoilt medieval streets and buildings it is easy to see why.

The cost of this weekend break is from 225, inclusive of accommodation.

17-19th June 2005

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